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For the best chance of a clean data recovery, call us immediately after you experience a data loss. Continued use of your computer could result in permanent damage or overwriting data that you need to recover.

Even if you believe you’ve accidentally written over your data, it may still be recoverable. Reformatting simply makes the hard drive treat old tracks and sectors as if they were empty. So even after a fresh reformat it’s very possible to get back most of your data.

In this same way, if you experience a virus attack, data that appears to be destroyed isn’t actually deleted or missing. It’s just hidden on the drive so your normal operating system cannot access it.

In these cases, we can typically recover 100% of your data. We will need to bring your computer to our service area for a few days in order to thoroughly analyze your drive for missing data and hidden threats. Sometimes this process takes 24 to 48 hours. Our priority is recovering the files that you’ve identified as being most important.

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Preventing Data Loss

We can install anti-virus software and other measures to help prevent viruses as well as spyware installations and malware attacks. We also provide user training to go along with these installations. As always, for customers that prefer us to handle this, we do offer packages that provide ongoing support. 


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