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Computer Maintenance is very important and most of the time when we get our hands on a computer it seems to be something that people don’t worry about until its really messed up.

People don’t realize that a lot of these viruses come in your computer when you download webpages and they install themselves in cookies and temporary internet files and in the windows temp files.

Some of them are like time bombs weighting for a specific time and date to unpack them selves. Us being in the industry recognize this and see it all the time. So, regular maintenance is very important its like driving your car every now and then you need a tune up before you have serious problems.

We’ll give you the tools to maintain your computer and teach you how to better keep it protected from internet variants. If you do the things that we teach the chances are we wont have to fix your computer again.

But we would rather have you brag about us to everyone you know and get all the word of mouth business, than to have to fix your computer every few months wondering what you’re doing wrong.

We’ll teach you as we fix your computer you can watch everything and ask questions as we go. At the end of the repair we’ll show you all the tricks to keeping your computer clean and safe.

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